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The NutCracker is a 24 hour resistance
challenge where 300 individuals compete against each other to win a cash prize
of £1000.


The NutCracker and his team will be doing everything they can to make you ‘ring the bell’ and retire from the competition.

You will be tired, hungry and possibly confused by the tactics used by The NutCracker.......This is the ultimate test of determination, mental strength and absolute focus.

The first question is : Can you beat the crack team of Special Forces, Royal Marine Commandos and other military interrogators that together make up The NutCracker?

This is a competition like no other, it is not for the faint hearted, not for the weak minded or those who give in easily. This is only for the strongest, the most determined, the most stubborn and dog minded - the one who wins will probably not do it just for the money - they will win because they absolutely, utterly believe that they cannot be beaten, that they cannnot possibly fail.

Have you got what it takes?
The NutCracker is waiting...


The first NutCracker Challenge will be held in Buckinghamshire on the 8th June 2019.
The venue is 40 minutes from London and can easily be accessed by rail (Marylebone Station to Amersham), from the M25. We have a helicopter landing pad if needed.

Regional competitions will follow throughout the year.

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A challenge like the world has
never seen before.. Have you got the guts?

This is not about how physically strong you are, The NutCracker does not care. He is waiting to break your spirit, your determination, your will to continue.

Walk away he says, ring the bell he says, fail he says...or answer the question..

Welcome to a challenge that only the very few, the mentally strongest and the most determined will walk away from claiming victory.

Its time to crack you.



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